Time Breaks
Wanted to have a way to get statistics of lifetime events, which breaking time for two parts: Before and After. Also events count, time left after last event, etc.
All event categories could be changed, add custom and remove unneeded.
Any number could be automatically parsed and counted. By using Filter window its easy to select time period to get a summary in this closed and concrete times. For easier adding values it could be written as math expression.
Kai Zen
Comfortable method to store and complete ypout own tasks. Not the largest great task but a little steps, one-by-one to reach mentioned goal.
Right now stores all data on the device browser internal memory (LocalStorage) and you could be sure about data safety and custom privacy. But later it would be useful to create multi-platform app with online storage and registration with popular services like Google, FB or VK.
Bubble Timing
Application can help to easy check the daily work time left just with one click.
Just one click to update the current state. Start time point could be changed.
Flash / AS
Some years ago it was popular to play a game with just a sheet with cells and a pen. Wrighting the numbers:
Wrighting the numbers:
and strikethrough digit pairs in two condition: same digits or getting 10 as their sum. Avialible in Web and Android platform GooglePlay.
Fancy paper cube with year calendar. Just prepare needed year and print two sheets to fold as origami.
Aviable to get two sheets with arrows and another coordnats for easier cube assembling.
Tutorial included and can be printeded on parer.
Looks like a toy and suitable to wright on sides.
Drawing 2019